Staff Reports

Executive Board Meeting – March 13, 2019

Item A-1 Minutes from September 12, 2018 Executive Board
Regular Meeting
Item A-2 Report No. 78 on Strategic Plan Implementation

A-2a — Strategic Plan Implementation Reports:
            Reports No. 73 – No. 77
Item A-3 Update on Reinvestment of 2016 Bonds Proceeds and
New Guaranteed Investment Contract (GIC)
Item A-4 Bi-Monthly Report on MERA Reserve Fund Balances
Item B-1 Proposed PRELIMINARY FY19-20 MERA Operating, New Project Financing and 2010 Refunding Revenue Bonds Budgets

B-1a — Proposed PRELIMINARY FY19-20 Operating Budget
            (Fund 70030)
            with Exhibits 1 and 2
Item B-2 Report No. 52 on Next Gen System Project and Budgets

B-2a — MERA Next Gen Project Budget and Expenditures,
           revised 01/10/2019

B-2b — Next Gen System Reports:
            Reports No. 46 – No. 51
Item B-3 Update on Termination of MERA/NFPD Office and
Staff Services Agreement

B-3a — MERA/NFPD Office and Staff Services Agreement –
          July 1, 2009

B-3b –Amendment No. 10 to MERA/NFPD Office and
          Staff Services Agreement FY18-19
Item C-1 CEQA Process and Schedule Update – Next Gen Project
Item C-3 Request for Additional Radios – Sausalito Police Department and
Tiburon Fire Protection District
Item C-4 MERA System Operations Updates – September, October,
November and December, 2018
and January and February, 2019