Staff Reports

Executive Board Meeting – March 11, 2015

Item A-1 Draft Minutes 1-14-15 Regular Meeting
Item A-2 Draft Minutes 2-4-15 Special Meeting
Item A-3 Report #25 on Strategic Plan Implementation
Item A-4 Final Report on November 2014 Measure A Election Costs
Item A-5 Summary of Costs – Public Records Act Request of November 21, 2014-RE: Measure A

Item A-6 Bi-Monthly Report on MERA Reserve Funds Balances
Item A-7 Update on Bay HIll Tower and Site Sublease
Item A-8 Update on Measure A Validation Action
Item B-1 Report and Recommendations from Finance Committee RE: Next Generation Project Financing

B-1a Next Generation Cash Flow Projections FY 15/16 & FY 16/17
Item B-2 Proposed PRELIMINARY FY 15-16 MERA Operating, New Project Financing and Refunding Revenue Bonds Budgets

B-2a Proposed PRELIMIARY FY15-16 Operating Budget with Exh 1+2
B-2b PRELIMINARY Member Agency Contribution Schedules FY15-16
Item B-3 Report and Recommendations on Measure A Citizens Oversight Committee (COC)

Item C-1 Revised Additional Radios Policy and Procedures

C-1a Revised Additional Radios Policy and Procedures with Redline – Next Gen Radio Specifications
Item C-2 FY 14-15 System Analysis Capital Projects Update