Staff Reports

Joint Meeting – September 20, 2011

Item 2-A Proposal for a New Governance Structure for MERA – Dated 8-19-2011 from Governance Work Group

New Governance Structure [PPT]
Item 2-B Gen Watch 3 Enhanced Performance Management – System Usage Tracking Software Information requested from DPW by Governance Work Group

Marin Gen Watch Equipment Details and Pricing
Item 2-C Marin RFP Review Panel Summary Dated November 4, 2010

700 MHz, P25, Phase 2 Cost Comparison
Item 2-D Indie Politics Phase 2 Recommended Actions to Enhance MERA Strategic Plan – Dated 07-14-11 from Outreach Subcommittee
Item 3-C MERA Strategic Plan Implementation Committees Spreadsheet – Revised Draft 09-07-11 TR