Staff Reports

Governing Board Meeting – November 28, 2018

Item A-1 Minutes from October 24, 2018 Governing Board Meeting
Item A-2 Proposed Revision to MERA Records Retention Schedule Re: Meeting Recordings

A-2a — Records Retention Schedule –
            Marin Emergency Radio Authority
            Adopted June 5, 2008
Item A-3 Report on Proposed Six-Month Notice:
Non-Member System User Fees
Item B-1 Report No. 48 on Next Gen System Project
Item C-1 Motorola Contract Change Order #7 – AES/DES Encryption,
Radio Management, WiFi, OTAP

C-1a — Motorola Contract Change Order #7, dated 09/17/2018
Item C-2 Motorola Contract Change Order #8 –
Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)
for the Microwave Network

C-2a — Federal Engineering Layer 2 vs. MPLS
            Letter dated September 5, 2018
            distributed on November 26, 2018
C-2b — Motorola Contract Change Order #8
            distributed on November 26, 2018
Item C-3 Motorola Contract Change Order #10 – Radio Accessories and
Mobile Portable Chargers
Item C-4 Motorola Contract Change Order #11 – Early Order Mobile Radios
Item C-5 Update of Next Gen System Project Budget

C-5a — MERA Next Gen Project Budget (Over 20 years) –
            Revision Date 09/26/2018
Item C-6 CEQA Process and Schedule Update – Next Gen Project
Item C-7 MERA System Operations Update – October