Staff Reports

Governing Board Meeting – May 8, 2024

Item A Consent Calendar
A-1 Approve Minutes from March 27, 2024 Governing Board
Regular Meeting
A-2 MERA March 24 Operations Budget Report and Fund(s) Update

A-2a Budget vs. Actual – 30 Operating
July 2023 through March 2024
A-2b Cash Balances as of March 31, 2024

Item B Executive Officer’s Report
B-1 Receive Report #119 on the Next Gen System
B-2 Review and Approve Motorola Change Order # 27, Wolfback Ridge

B-2a Motorola Change Order #27, dated 4/9/2024
B-3 Review and Approve Motorola Change Oder # 28, Construction Administration

B-3a Motorola Change Order #28, dated 4/17/2024
B-4 Review and Approve Motorola Change Order # 29, Unication Pager Upgrade

B-4a Motorola Change Order #29, dated 4/16/2024
B-5 Review and Approve Motorola Change Order #30, NICE Telephone Logging, County Fire and Sheriff _Report

B-5a Motorola Change Order #30
B-6 Review and Approve Purchase of New Batteries to Support Next Gen Core Equipment at the Prime Site/EOF

B-6a Nite & Day Power Quote
B-7 Review and Approve new location for the MERA GB Meetings for the remainder of 2024
B-8 Adopt Resolution Approving the FY24-25 MERA Operating Budget Package

B-8a MERA 2024-2025 Operating Budget
B-8b MERA 2024-2025 Operating Budget, Leases and Utilities
B-8c MERA 2024-2025 Member Payments
B-8d MERA 2024-2025 Budget Resolution
B-9 Receive Update on the Finance Committee and Report on the 2024 Bond Sale, Sperry Capital

B-9a Bond Sale Report

Item C Operations Reports
C-1 Receive MERA System Operations Update-March/April

NEWS HANDOUT – Next Gen Project – May 2024 GB Update