Staff Reports

Governing Board Meeting – June 28 2017

Item A-1 Minutes from May 10, 2017 Governing Board Regular Meeting
Item A-2 Report No. 55 on Strategic Plan Implementation
Item A-3 Update on Non-Member MERA System User Letters of Agreement (LOAs)
Item B-1 Report No. 28 on Next Gen System Project
Item B-2 Proposed Next Gen System Radio Packages

B-2a –MERA: Next Gen Radio Packages, dated 06/19/2017
Item B-3 Discussion of MERA Operations Officer Transition
Item B-4 Proposed License Agreement between MERA and U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
– Big Rock Ridge Site

B-4a –Proposed License Agreement between MERA and FBI
Item C-1 Proposed Resolution Confirming MERA FY16-17 Capital Project
Budgets and Expenditures from Reserves:
        Fund 70032 (New Project Financing)
        Fund 70036 (Replacement)
        Fund 70038 (Next Gen Project)
        Fund 70039 (2016 Bonds)

C-1a –Resolution Confirming MERA FY16-17 Capital Project
     Budgets and Expenditures
C-1b –FY16-17 MERA Capital Project Budgets
Item D-1 Update on Change Order Policy and Recommended Motorola
Contract Contingency
Item D-2 Proposed Radio Communications System Contract Change Order –
Fire Station Alerting
Item D-3 Recommendation on Conventional Radio Channels and Related Costs
Item D-4 Revised Next Gen System Implementation Agreement Budget
Item D-5 MERA System Operations Update