Staff Reports

Executive Committee Meeting – September 9, 2009

Item A-1 DRAFT Executive Committee Regular Meeting Minutes 7/8/09
Item A-2 Report From Executive Officer Work Plan Subcommittee-2009 MERA Operations and Adminitration Work Plan

2009 MERA Operations and Administration Work Plan
Item A-3 Environmental Consultation Services Contract Addendum No. 1 With PES Environmental, Inc.-Forbes Reservoir Demolition Project

Additional Scope of Work and Fee Estimate Forbes Reservoir Project
Item B-1 Appointment of AD HOC Strategic Planning Committee and Action on Strategic Planning Facilitation Services Proposal From CBG Communications, Inc.

Further Revised Proposal to Provide Strategic Planning Facilitation Services to MERA
Item B-2 Proposed MERA Purchasing Policy and Procedures

Draft MERA Purchasing Policy and Procedures
Item B-3 Proposed Revisions to MERA Reserve Funds

MERA Project Operating Agreement Section 3.06