Staff Reports

Board of Directors Meeting – March 11, 2009

Item B-2 Resolution of the MERA Board Authorizing Destruction of Certain Records Per MERA Records Retention Schedule

Records Retention Resolution
Destruction Authorization Form
Item B-3 Proposed Amendment No. 4 to MERA JEPA Expanding Expenditure Authorities

Proposed Amendment No. 4
Item B-4 Report on Investment of 1999 Bond Reserve

Investment Agreement Bid Results
Investment Agreement
Item B-5 FY 07-08 Audited Financial Statements & Auditors’ Report

MERA 2008 Auditor Communication with Board
Financial Statements and Auditors’ Report – Year Ended June 30, 2008
Item B-6 Report on Additional Services Amendment No. 2 to Agreement for Professional Services and Executive Officer 2009 Work Plan – Regional Government Services Authority

Amendment No. 2 to RGS Contract and Exhibit A
Draft of Organization Chart
Executive Officer 2009 Work Plan
MERA/RGS Contract
Item C-1 Forbes Reservoir County Facilities Demolition: Award of Bid and Contract
Item C-2 Mid-Year Revision of FY08-09 Operating Budget & Maintenance & Equipment Replacement Reserves

Resolution Adopting Proposed Mid-year FY 08-09 Operating Budget
Maintenance and Equipment Replacement Reserves
Operating Budget – Line Item Revisions
Item C-3 Report on Proposed Sublease with Ross Valley Sanitary District – MERA Forbes Reservoir Site

Forbes Hill Equipment Relocation Request – Ross Valley Sanitary District
Item D1D2 Report on Funding Sources for Radio Frequencies Acquisition