Radio Communications Systems Contract 3/7/17

Contract Description
The proposed contract with Motorola Solutions, Inc. will provide MERA with a new 700MHz Project 25 Phase 2 trunked radio communications system to support mission-critical communications within Marin County. The proposed system will provide enhanced voice communications capabilities for all MERA member agencies in the law enforcement, fire management, transit, public works, local government, and other county-based entities. 1t will also provide the capability for seamless interoperability with surrounding Bay Area counties. Funding for the contract is provided by a parcel tax approved by Marin County voters in November 2014.
Contract Information
Approved Contract   (PDF File)
        Errata Sheet 1 Report (PDF File)
Exhibit A – Proposal
        Section 1: Cover Letter (PDF File)
        Section 2: Table Of Contents (PDF File)
        Section 3: Executive Summary (PDF File)
        Section 4: Qualifications (PDF File)
        Section 5: System Description (PDF File)
        Section 6: Project Management Plan (PDF File)
        Section 7: Quality Assurance Plan (PDF File)
        Section 8: Training Plan (PDF File)
        Section 9: Point By Point Compliance (PDF File)
        Section 10: System, Subsystem and Subscriber Warranty (PDF File)
        Section 11: System Testing Documentation (PDF File)
        Section 12: Post-Warranty Maintenance, Hardware and Software (PDF File)
        Section 13: Equipment Specification Sheets
& Open Source Software List
                Section 13a: Equipment Specification Sheets (PDF File)
                Section 13b: Equipment Specification Sheets (continued) (PDF File)
                Section 13c: Equipment Specification Sheets (continued)
& Open Source Software List (PDF File)