Staff Reports

Governing Board Meeting – September 28, 2022

Item A-1 Approve Minutes from August 24, 2022 Governing Board
Regular Meeting
Item A-2 Adopt Resolution 2022-10 Reconsidering the Circumstances of the COVID-19 State of Emergency and Making Findings in Connection Therewith to Authorize Public Meetings To Be Held Via Teleconferencing Pursuant To Government Code Section 54953(e)
Item B-1 Receive Report No 104 on Next Gen System Project
Item B-2 Review and Approve a Next Gen System Key Exchange with City and County Of San Francisco

Item B-3 Review and Approve Change Orders to Master Design Engineering Services Agreement with AECOM Technical Services, Inc., and Approve the Necessary Budget Adjustments to Fund the Task Orders

B-3.1 Proposed MERA Policy: System Key Policy and Procedures
B-3.2 Project Proposal for Task 001(SOW)
B-3.3 Signed Task Order 001
B-3.4 MERA/AECOM Task Order 002
B-3.5 Project Proposal for Task Order 002 (SOW)
B-3.6 Task 002, CO1, signed (Date change only)
B-3.7 Proposed Task 002 CO 2
B-3.8 Task 002 CO2 Level of Effort / Schedule
B-3.9 Task 003 signed (includes proposal/SOW)
B-3.10 Proposed Task 003 CO 1

Item B-4 Review and Approve Proposed Bid Package No.4 for Coyote Peak, Mount Tamalpais, Muir Beach, OTA and Point Reyes and Notice Inviting Bids
Item C-1 Receive MERA System Operations Update – August

Item C-2 Review and Approve Addition of One Radio for Southern Marin Fire Protection District