Staff Reports

Governing Board Meeting – June 24, 2015

Item A-1 Draft Minutes from 5-13-15 Meeting Draft 6-17-15
Item A-2 Report No 28 On Strategic Plan Implementation
Item A-3 Report On Measure A Citizens Oversight Committee
Item B-1 Proposed Next Gen Radio System Implementation Agreement Between MERA and the County of Marin

B-1a Next Gen Project Agreement with COM
Item B-3 Report on Award of Bid for Surety Substitution for 2010 Refunding Revenue Bonds Reserve
Item B-4 Proposed Bay Hill Sublease Agreement Between MERA and Incline Partners, LLC

Incline MERA Sublease Agreement
Exhibit C
Road Maintenance Agreement
Item B-5 Proposed Amendments to MERA Reserve Funds Policy RE: Interfund Transfer and Emergency Fund Minimum Balance

B-5a MERA Reserve Funds Policy
Item B-6 Confirmation of Regular Monthly Meeting of Governing Board for November 2015