Staff Reports

Governing Board Meeting – February 22, 2017

Item A-1 Resolution of Commendation – Jim McCann
Item A-2 Resolution of Commendation – Debra Stutsman,
Item A-3 Draft Minutes of December 14. 2016 Meeting
Item A-4 Report No. 51 on Strategic Plan Implementation

A-4a — Report No. 50 on Strategic Plan Implementation
Item A-5 Update on Non-Member System User of Letters of Agreement (LOAs)
Item A-6 Measure A Citizens Oversight Committee Member Requests
for Additional Terms
Item B-1 Proposed Comprehensive Long-Term Next Gen Project Budget

B-1a — MERA Next Gen Budget Overview
Item B-2 Update on Retirement of 2007 Project Note
Item C-1 Proposed Radio Communications System Contract

C-1 Errata Sheet 1 Report – distributed 2/21/17