Staff Reports

Governing Board Meeting – December 14, 2022

Item A-1 Approve Minutes from November 9, 2022 Governing Board
Regular Meeting
Item A-2 Adopt Resolution 2022-13 Reconsidering the Circumstances of the COVID-19 State of Emergency and Making Findings in Connection Therewith to Authorize Public Meetings To Be Held Via Teleconferencing Pursuant To Government Code Section 54953(e)
Item B-1 Receive Report #106 on the Next Gen System
Item B-2 Review and Approve Proposed Award of Bid for Next Gen System Project Bid Package No. 4

B-2a Recommendation to Award Bid Package #4,
dated 12/02/2022
Item B-3 Review and Approve Notice of Completion for Bid Package No. 2 with Fidato

B-3a Notice of Completion for Bid Package 2
Item B-4 Review and Approve Procurement of Connectivity Equipment

B-4a Connectivity System Diagram
Item B-5 Review and Approved Proposed Motorola Contract Change Order No. 16_ Fire Station Alerting

B-5a Motorola Contract Change Order #16, dated 11/21/2022
Item B-6 Review and Approve Proposed Emergency Communications Site Lease between MERA and EIP Holdings II, LLC, (Mt. Tamalpias)

B-6a Communications Site Lease Agreement;
EIP Holdings II, LLC
Item B-7 Review and Approve Six Month Extension to Agreements for Management and Administrative Services with Regional Government Services (RGS) for MERA Executive Officer and Staff

B-7a-1 RGS Amendment #1 Extension for Executive Officer Service Agreement
B-7a-2 Contract Checklist for Executive Officer Service Agreement
B-7a-3 Executive Officer Service Agreement (Reference)
B-7b-1 RGS Amendment #9 Extension for PM Services
B-7b-2 Contract Checklist for PM Service Agreement
B-7b-3 Amendment #8 PM Extension (Reference)
Item B-8 Review and Approve Motorola Contract Change Order No. 17 for Construction Administration Services

B-8a-1 Change Order #17
B-8a-2 Scope of Work associated with CO#17
Item B-9 Receive Presentation on California State of Emergency for COVID-19 and Brown Act
Item C-1 Receive MERA System Operations Update- November
NEWS HANDOUT – Next Gen Project – December 2022 GB Update