Staff Reports

Finance Committee Meeting — July 10, 2019

Item A Minutes of February 20, 2019 Finance Committee Meeting
Item B Report on Motorola Change Order #8: Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) for the Microwave Network

B-1 Report H — Contract Change Order #8 — MPLS
B-2 PowerPoint presentation for Report H
Item C Update of Next Gen System Project Budget

C-1 MERA Project Budget and Expenditures Summary —
C-2 MERA Acronyms
Item D Report on Retirement of 2010 Refunding Revenue Bonds and Future Payment Options

D-1 Bond Counsel Opinion -Request for Clarification:
Marin Emergency Radio Authority (2010 Refunding Revenue Bonds)
dated April 10, 2019
Item E May 2019 MERA Arbitrage Report and Rebate Calculation for 2016 Special Parcel Tax Revenue Bonds and MERA 2016 Bonds Post Issuance Certificate Filing

E-1 Willdan Arbitrage Rate Calculation dated May 21, 2019 for MERA 2016 Revenue Bonds
E-2 MERA 2016 Bonds Post Issuance Certificate dated April 30, 2019