Staff Reports

Executive Committee Meeting – October 2, 2008

Item A-2 Radio Frequency Use Agreement
Item A-3 Refunding Analysis 1999 Revenue Bonds

Analysis from Bartle Wells Associate
Item A-4 Proposed Agreement between MERA and LGS

Proposed LGS Agreement for Admin. Assoc. Professional Services
Item A-5 Proposed Agreement between MERA, MGSA, MTA and GGS

Proposed GGS Agreement for Records Management Services
Item A-6 Proposed Agreement between MERA and KWMR

Proposed KWMR License Agreement for Use of MERA Bolinas Facilities
Drawings for Proposed KWMR Translator
Item C-1 Proposed Emergency Repairs to Tower Access Road – Mt. Barnabe Site
Item D MERA Executive Committee Update from R. Chuck
Item E Regular Executive Committee Meeting Dates/Times