Staff Reports

Executive Board Meeting – September 12, 2012

Item C-1 Minutes from May 9, 2012 EC Regular Meeting
Item C-2 Acknowledgement of Contributions to MERA: Kreins and Rodericks

Kreins Resolution for Commendation
Rodericks Resolution for Commendation
Item C-3 Confirmation of Bimonthly Regular Executive Board Meeting Dates-FY12-13
Item C-4 Report on Executive Board Tasks/Workload
Item D-1 Request for Direction from President Revere Re: Governing Board Member Naso MERA Coverage Concerns
Item D-2 Report #9 on Strategic Plan Implementation
Item D-3 Discussion of December Governing Board Workshop
Item D-4 Appointment of Police and Fire Representatives to MERA Finance Committee

a) MERA Governing Board Members and Alternates List
b) MERA Executive Board Members List
c) MERA Committees List
Item E-1 Proposed Fiscal Year 2012/13 Capital Improvement Plan
Item E-2 Requests for Waiver of Radio Moratorium