Staff Reports

Executive Board Meeting – November 13, 2013

Item B-1 Report from Executive Officer Work Plan Committee

B-1A: 2013 MERA Exectuive Officer Work Plan
B-1B: Exhibit A – Scope of Services MERA-RGS Executive Officer Contract
B-1C: Recap of Executive Officer’s Work Hours
B-1D: Proposed 2014 MERA Executive Officer Work Plan
B-1E: Agreement for Management and Administrative Services
B-1F: Exhibit A – Scope of Services MERA-RGS Executive Officer Contract
Item B-2 2013 Annual Progress Report on Authority Operations and Activitites

Progress Report
Item B-3 Draft Minutes of the September 11, 2013 EB Meeting
Item B-4 FY12-13 Draft Audited Financial Statements and Auditors’ Report

MERA Draft Financial Statements and Auditors Report
Item B-5 Bi-Monthly Report on MERA Reserve Fund Balances
Item B-6 Report on Bay Hill Site Subleases
Item B-7 Report #15 on Strategic Plan Implementation
Item C-1 Proposed MOU By and Between MERA and County of Marin in Support of the Next Generation Radio System

C-1a: Proposed MOU
Item C-2A Report on Round One Presentations
Item C-2B Report on Round Two Presentations
Item C-3 MERA POC Recommendations for 2014 Next Generation System Outreach Plan
Item C-4 Report From Executive Board Subcommittee – NFPD Request for Executive Board Seat
Item C-5 MERA Finance Committee Recommendation – Investment of MERA Bond Reserve
Item C-6 Proposed MERA Surplus Property Policy and Procedures and Request for Approval of Disposition of Certain MERA Assets

C-6a: Surplus Property Policy and Procedures
PTR – Fixed Asset Example
Item D-1 Proposed Next Generation System Feasibility Study 700MHz Technology. Next Generation System Operating/Maintenance Costs Estimates
Item D-3 Grant Writing Services
Item D-4 Request for Waiver of Radio Moratorium – Humane Society
Item D-5 MERA System August 2013 Usage