Staff Reports

Executive Board Meeting – July 13, 2016

Item A-1 Draft Minutes 5-4-16 Regular Meeting
Item A-2 Engagement of Maher Accountancy –
Measure A 2015-16 Independent Compliance Audit
Item A-3 Report No 42 on Strategic Plan Implementation

A-3a — Report #41 on Strategic Plan Implementation
Item A-4 Report on Final Costs: Eighth Amendment to
Office and Staff Services Agreement
between MERA and Novato Fire Protection District
Item A-5 MERA FY15-16 Budgets: Line Item Adjustments

A-5A — Revised FY15-16 MERA Operating Budget
Item A-6 Bi-Monthly Report on Reserve Funds Balances
Item A-7 Update on Marin County Civil Grand Jury Web
Transparency Audit
Item B-1 Report and Recommendations from Executive Board Subcommittee on Proposed MCOE and Other On-going Non-Member MERA System Use

B-1a — Proposed MCOE Letter of Agreement –
Draft 7/13/16
List of Non-member Users – 9/22/15
Non-MERA Member Agencies – May 2016 Usage
Item B-2 Report No 17 from the Next Gen Project Oversight Committee (NGPOC)

B-2a — Report No 16 on Next Gen Project
Oversight Committee
B-2b — RFP Addendums
Item B-3 Update on MERA Executive Board Appointments
Item C-1 Update on Dollar Hill Project
Item C-2 Requests for Additional Radios:
Fairfax Police Department
NORCAL Ambulance
Item C-3 Status/Work Statistics Reports