Staff Reports

Executive Board Meeting – January 8, 2014

Item A-1 Resolution of Cemmendation-Bruce Anderson
Item A-2 Draft Minutes from November 13, 2013 Executive Board Regular Meeting
Item A-3 Report on Special Project Staff Salary Adjustments
Item A-4 Bi-monthly Report on MERA Reserve Funds Balances
Item A-5 Update on Bay Hill Site Subleases
Item A-6 Report #17 On Strategice Plan Implementation

Report on #16 on Strategic Plan Implementation
Item A-7 Update on Bond Reserve Investment
Item B-1 Bond Counsel Opinion on Next Gen System Police/Fire Services Project Costs
Item B-2 Report on Round Two Presentations
Item B-3 Proposed Delegation of Respponsibilities to MERA Project Oversight Committee
Item B-4 Report from Executive Board Subcommittee-NFPD Request for Executive Board Seat
Item B-5 Appointment of Finance Committtee Member

MERA Governing Board Members and Alternates List
MERA Executive Board Members List
Item B-6 Report on MERA Subleasees Utilities Undergrounding-Forbes Reservoir Tower Site
Item C-1 Request for Disposition of Certain Surplus MERA Equipment
Item C-2 Status/Work Statistics Reports