Staff Reports

Executive Board Meeting – January 8, 2020

Item A-1 Minutes from July 10, 2019 Executive Board
Regular Meeting
Item A-2 Report No 89 on Strategic Plan Implementation

A-2a Report No 85 on Strategic Plan Implementation
(G.B, 7/24/19)
A-2b Report No 86 on Strategic Plan Implementation
(G.B. 9/25/19)
A-2c Report No 87 on Strategic Plan Implementation
(G.B. 10/23/19)
A-2d Report No 88 on Strategic Plan Implementation
(G.B. 12/11/19)
Item A-3 Update on Six-Month Notice: Non-Member System User Fees
Item A-4 Bi-Monthly Report on Reserve Funds Balances
Item B-1 Report No 63 on Next Gen System Project and Budget

B-1a MERA Project Budget and Expenditures Summary, 12/30/19
B-1b Report No 59 – Next Gen System Project (G.B. 07/24/19)
B-1c Report No 60 – Next Gen System Project (G.B. 09/25/19)
B-1d Report No 61 – Next Gen System Project (G.B. 10/23/19)
B-1e Report No 62 – Next Gen System Project (G.B. 12/11/19)
Item C-1 Proposed Federal Engineering Phase Two
Contract Amendment No. 2
Revised and Distributed 1/8/20
Item C-2 CEQA Process Update – Next Gen Project
Item C-3 Request for Additional Radios –

  Tiburon Police Department
Belvedere Police Department
National Parks Conservancy
Marin County District Attorney
Marin Community College District Police Department
National Park Service – Point Reyes
Item C-4 MERA System Operations Update – June – November, 2019
Distributed 1/8/20