Staff Reports

Citizens Oversight Committee (Measure A) – June 17, 2020

Item A Minutes of December 18, 2019 Citizens Oversight Committee Regular Meeting
Item B Report on Status of Measure A Low-Income Senior Exemptions:
FY15-16 To Date
Item C Update on Status of Next Gen System Project and Budget
* Project Transition from County of Marin to MERA
* Project Budget
* AECOM Review

C-1 MERA Budget and Expenditure Summary, Updated 06/03/2020
C-2 Post Transition End State Recommendation,
Dated 05/07/2020
Item D Review of Funds 70038 and 70039 – Next Gen Project Revenues and Expenditures FY19-20 December 12, 2019 through June 9, 2020
(distributed 06/15/20)